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About Pinacosaurus

Pinacosaurus fossils were first discovered in the 1920s in the Gobi Desert by Roy Chapman Andrews. Many additional fossils of this animal have since been discovered. Often these fossil beds contain the remains of several individuals, suggesting that Pinacosaurus were social creatures living in groups. Some scientists believe that they lived in groups while young and then split up later in life to lead solitary lives.

Pinacosaurus was armored, but was not as well protected as many of the other armored dinosaurs. This may have been due to less fierce predators where this animal thrived.

What is this dinosaur’s name?
How do I pronounce Pinacosaurus?
What does the name Pinacosaurus mean?
Plank Reptile
How long was Pinacosaurus?
17.50 feet 5.50 meters
How heavy was Pinacosaurus?
3800.00 pounds 1900.00 kilograms
What dinosaur class was Pinacosaurus assigned to?
What did Pinacosaurus eat?
How many years ago did Pinacosaurus live?
75,000,000 Years Ago
In what period did Pinacosaurus live?
Late Cretaceous
Where did Pinacosaurus live?
Asia, China, Mongolia