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About Saichania

Saichania was one of the most well protected of all the armored dinosaurs. Even its stomach or underside was covered with bony platings.

Saichania had a large, heavy hammer tail, and was covered with sharp spikes which protected it against enemies. The skull of Saichania reveals unusual breathing passageways that perhaps gave it a powerful sense of smell. This would have helped to alert it to the presence of dangerous predators.

Saichania was discovered in the Gobi Desert in 1971, and was named by Teresa Maryanska in 1977.

What is this dinosaur’s name?
How do I pronounce Saichania?
What does the name Saichania mean?
Beautiful One
How long was Saichania?
21.00 feet 6.50 meters
How heavy was Saichania?
5700.00 pounds 2500.00 kilograms
What dinosaur class was Saichania assigned to?
What did Saichania eat?
How many years ago did Saichania live?
75,000,000 Years Ago
In what period did Saichania live?
Late Cretaceous
Where did Saichania live?
Asia, Mongolia